Robyn Denholm Takes Over the Reigns of Tesla From Elon Musk (

azcoyote shares a report from Reuters: Tesla director Robyn Denholm, a telecoms executive who has worked for Toyota, has been promoted to chairwoman of the electric car company, tasked with regulating billionaire Elon Musk’s regime after months of turbulence. An Australian accountant, Denholm is currently finance chief at telecoms firm Telstra and replaces Musk after he was forced to relinquish the role as part of a deal to head off charges of fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

While she will resign from Telstra to take the role full-time, some analysts expressed concern that she may not be clearly enough removed from Musk to rein in the billionaire’s public outbursts and bring more order to Tesla. Denholm, 55, has been an independent director of Tesla since 2014 and the head of its audit committee. She was paid almost $5 million, mainly in stock options, by the company last year, making her the highest remunerated of its board members. “I personally hope Denholm renames it Reynholm Industries,” Slashdot reader azcoyote adds.

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