Google Investigating Issue With Blurry Fonts on new Chrome 69 (

Since the release of Chrome 69 earlier this week, countless of users have gone on social media and Google Product Forums to complain about “blurry” or “fuzzy” text inside Chrome. ZDNet: The blurred font issue isn’t only limited to text rendered inside a web page, users said, but also for the text suggestions displayed inside the address bar search drop-down, and Chrome’s Developer Tools panel. […] According to reports, the issue only manifests for Chrome 69 users on Windows. Those who rolled back to Chrome 68 stopped having problems. Users said that changing Chrome, operating system, or screen DPI settings didn’t help. “Our team is investigating reports of this behavior. You can find more information in this public bug report,” a Google spokesperson said last night after first user complaints started surfacing online. Some users have also expressed concerns over Chrome not showing “trivial subdomains” including www and secure lock sign in the address bar.

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