Microsoft Teases First-Ever ‘Stream-To-Win’ Option Built Into Xbox (

At this month’s E3, Microsoft confirmed “a first in the booming world of game streaming,” reports Ars Technica. “It’s a subtle thing, which we’re dubbing ‘stream-to-win,’ and it sees Microsoft take its boldest step in battling the behemoth service Twitch.” From the report: Horizon 4 will be the first Microsoft Studios game to recognize when players broadcast their live gameplay via Mixer and then give out bonuses within that game for doing so (Mixer is a Twitch-like service that Microsoft acquired in 2016 before re-dubbing it Beam). All Xbox One consoles received an update last year to integrate one-button “stream to Mixer” support, which players can swap to Twitch by going through the system’s options.

In the week-plus since learning this about Horizon 4, we have been unable to find a comparable feature in any video game — meaning, one that recognizes a broadcast (on Mixer, Twitch, or any other service) and then gives out goodies inside the same video game as a reward. Some video games already include official and deep integration with Twitch and Mixer, but these rely largely on audience-driven votes, like in the digital card game Superfight and the battle royale game Darwin Project.

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